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Tanya Pfitzner

Tanya for the past 20 years has been providing her clients with a natural complimentary health solution.  Firstly, developing Reflexology skills before undertaking a Bowtech Course.  Her interest and desire to provide her clients support has inspired the ongoing training in various modalities including Fascial Kinetics, Nerve and  Hormone Dynamics, Clinical Science of Biochemics Therapy and Blackroll Moves Trainer.

After becoming a Bowen Practitioner in November 1999, Tanya has developed a strong private practice through her personalised and caring services, gaining invaluable experience across all ages, including clients with disabilities.

Tanya is passionate about working with people to promote optimal health utilising these variously acquired modalities. The positive result experienced by her clients are a testament to the application of these skills and knowledge in developing a solid practice initially in Narrogin then in Perth privately and at Foot Focus Podiatry located in Wilson.

Experiencing how extremely rewarding it is to encourage clients to enhance their own wellbeing: Tanya began instructing with Moira in 2014, and became a Certified Instructor in Fascial Kinetics, enabling students to discover their own healing and life changing experiences they will have with Bowen Therapy. As part of Tanya's ongoing development, she took on the Principalship of Fascial Kinetics in February 2019.

Complimenting her Fascial Kinetics training, Tanya is now qualified to instruct Nerve & Hormone Dynamics Courses.

The ongoing success is also contributed to the encouragement and support of her family, especially husband Simon and three children Hayley, Sarah and Dylan.


Moira Jenzen

Moira has been interested Bowen Therapy since 1988 when Bowen Instructor Geoff Cashmore treated her husband for a long standing back injury.  The results were amazing Moira decided to learn Bowen herself and qualified as Bowen Therapist in 1990.  

Bowen Therapy enhanced her naturopathic practice, which she opened in 1995 in the country town of Cunderdin. Since then Moira opened a second practice in Fremantle.

Moira assisted Geoff with teaching BowTech until 1997 when she qualified as a teacher and then had the opportunity to train with Russell Sturgess of Fascial Kinetics and qualified as a Fascial Kinetics Instructor.  She felt Fascial Kinetics was more holistic combining the science of healing with the art of healing.

Moira's vision is to have a Bowen Therapist in every suburb and country town in WA.  

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